2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Dec 07, 2021  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global and Off-Campus Programs: Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement

The university journey is enhanced greatly by off-campus study. There are many opportunities for Malone students to spend time studying off-campus, either internationally or in the U.S. Programs of study are available for all majors. Many programs also offer the opportunity to incorporate an internship. Listed below are brief descriptions for each of the exciting programs and locations offered. For more detailed information on these programs and how to go about studying off campus please contact the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement at crosscultural@malone.edu, visit www.malone.edu/crosscultural, follow on Twitter and Instagram (@GlobalMalone), or come to the Office located in Founders Hall (Room-18).


Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies (Science)

Malone participates in the Environmental Studies extension program available through Au Sable Institute in four different locations:

  1. AS-Great Lakes in the Great Lakes Forest, Michigan;
  2. AS-Pacific Rim on Puget Sound, Washington;
  3. AS-India in Tamil Nadu, South India; and
  4. AS-Costa Rica in Vara Blanca region.

Courses are offered primarily during the summer at the Great Lakes and Pacific Rim locations. A J-term course is offered in India and a May-term course is offered in Costa Rica. Interested students should contact the Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences. Complete course descriptions for available courses can be found in the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies Official Bulletin.

Bliss Institute Internship

The Bliss Institute Internship offered by the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences in partnership with The University of Akron’s Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics (www.uakron.edu/bliss/) is designed to enhance and further educational opportunities available to eligible students. Such internships afford Malone students the opportunity to experience practical politics first hand. The objective of this program is to provide a flexible and responsive learning environment where students are able to interact with political career professionals and apply classroom theory and technique to actual workplace settings.

Consortium Visitor Program

The Christian College Consortium Visitor Program is designed to give the student an opportunity to take advantage of course offerings and varied experiences on other Christian college and university campuses for an academic semester while maintaining regular standing at Malone. Information is available from the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement.

Opportunities to Student Teach Overseas

An overseas student teaching experience isn’t a dream but a reality! Malone is a member institution of the Christian College Teacher Education Coordinating Council (CCTECC) program which enables candidates from member colleges to do their student teaching at overseas schools. Each candidate approved by the Malone Teacher Education committee is placed by CCTECC, a body of Interaction International. Candidates MUST plan early and meet with the Director of Field and Clinical Experiences and the Director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement well in advance of the clinical semester. (Applications are due to CCTECC a full year before the student teaching experience.) Placements are made for half of the traditional clinical/student teaching semester with the other portion completed in Ohio. Additional fees are required to cover placement and an orientation to teaching abroad.

Off-Campus Semester Programs Sponsored by the CCCU

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) offers the following programs to students of its member institutions. These diverse off-campus study programs are available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a good academic record. For further information regarding academic requirements, financial arrangements, and schedule planning, contact the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement.

American Studies Program (ASP)
ASP uses Washington, D.C., as a stimulating educational laboratory where collegians gain hands-on experience with internships in their chosen fields. Internships are tailored to fit the students’ talents and aspirations and are available in a wide range of fields. ASP also offers two different tracks of study. Students interested in exploring pressing national and international issues in public policy can choose the Public Policy Initiatives track. Students interested in journalism or public relations can choose the Strategic Communication track. ASP bridges classroom and marketplace, combining biblical reflection, policy analysis, communication, and real world experience.

Australia Studies Centre (ASC)
The Australia Studies Centre is designed to provide undergraduates of all majors and career interests with opportunities to participate in Brisbane’s art culture. It also educates students in indigenous affairs and Australia’s role as a global economic power. From art and ministry to drama and dance, students attending ASC have every opportunity to pursue their passions and interests with other Christians from around North America and the world even as they compare and contrast the Australia of myths and movies with the realities of everyday life. Students participate in service projects and live in homes with local Christian families to help them encounter the Australia that tourists never see. Throughout this process, ASC students engage Australia’s indigenous people and learn about the challenges that exist for those who are not part of “white Australia.”

Contemporary Music Center (CMC)
The Contemporary Music Center provides students the opportunity to live and work in community while seeking to understand how God will have them integrate music, faith, and business. Both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in nature, the CMC offers three tracks: the Artist Track, the Business Track, and the Technical Track. The Artist Track is tailored to students considering careers as vocalists, musicians, songwriters, recording artists, performers, producers, and recording engineers. The Business Track is designed for business, arts management, marketing, communications, and other majors interested in possible careers as artist managers, agents, record company executives, music publishers, concert promoters, and entertainment industry entrepreneurs. The Technical Track prepares students for careers in live sound, concert lighting, and studio recording. All students (regardless of track) receive instruction, experience, and a uniquely Christian perspective on creativity and the marketplace, while working together to create and market a recording of original music. All tracks include course work, labs, directed study, and a practicum.

Latin American Studies Program (LASP)
Students have the opportunity to live and learn in Latin America through the Latin American Studies Program, based in San Jose, Costa Rica. The program introduces students to a wide range of experiences through the study of the language, literature, culture, politics, history, economics, ecology, and religion of the region. Living with Costa Rican families, students experience and become part of the day-to-day lives of typical Latin Americans. Students also take part in service opportunities and travel for three weeks to nearby Central American nations. Students participate in one of four concentrations: Latin American Studies (offered both fall and spring terms); Advanced Language and Literature (designed for Spanish majors and offered both fall and spring terms); International Business: Management and Marketing (offered only in fall terms); and Environmental Science (offered only during spring terms).

Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFS)
The Los Angeles Film Studies Center is designed to train students to serve in various aspects of the film industry with both professional skill and Christian integrity. Each semester, students live, learn, and work in L.A. The curriculum consists of two required seminars focusing on the role of film in culture and the relationship of faith to work in this very influential industry. In addition, students choose one elective course from a variety of offerings in film studies. Internships in various segments of the film industry provide students with hands-on experience. The combination of the internship and seminars allows students to explore the film industry within a Christian context and from a liberal arts perspective.

Middle East Studies Program (MESP)
This program, based in Amman, Jordan, allows students to explore and interact with the complex and strategic world of the modern Middle East. The interdisciplinary seminars give students the opportunity to explore the diverse religious, social, cultural, and political traditions of Middle Eastern peoples. Students also study the Arabic language and work as volunteers with various organizations. Through travel to places such as Petra, Jerash, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and the Sea of Galilee, students are exposed to the diversity and dynamism of the country. At a time of tension and change in the Middle East, MESP encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim world in an informed, constructive, and Christ-centered manner.

Northern Ireland Semester Program (NISP)
The Northern Ireland Semester allows students to engage with the history and culture of the country. Based near Belfast, participants will spend time both in classrooms and outside exploring the beautiful landscape, culture, and historical landmarks. Every student will be enrolled in the Peacemaking and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland course, which will form the core of the academic experience. Students will not only learn about “The Troubles,” but have opportunity to meet and talk with people who lived through it. Also available are courses on Irish Art & Culture, Irish Literature, Christian Thought and Practice, Ireland and Western Civilization, and Intercultural Communication. Currently offered Spring semester only. 

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO)
The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford allows honors and other highly qualified students to do intensive scholarship in this historic seat of learning as members of Wycliffe Hall and Visiting Students of Oxford University. Participants work with academic tutors to hone skills, delve into the areas of interest, and broaden thinking by living and learning in this major crossroads of the academic world. Concentrations are available in Classics, English & Literature, Theology & Religious Studies, Philosophy, and History. Because of the intense academic environment of this program, students normally have a 3.7 or higher gpa. (Exceptions to this requirement may be granted for exceptional circumstances.)

  • Oxford Summer Program (OSP)
    The Oxford Summer Programme is a shorter, summer version of the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford. Affiliated with Wycliffe Hall, students participate in a lectured series, three course-related field trips and two different seminars. Students are also involved in a set number of tutorials and two essay topics. A GPA of 2.9 is required for this program.

Uganda Studies Program (USP)
The Uganda Studies Program offers students a personal encounter with this African success story which has become an economic and public health model in its region. Uganda Christian University (UCU) serves as the base of study for students in the USP. Courses taught by local faculty in the English tutorial tradition will immerse students in a uniquely African education. Students will be afforded many insights into African life because of the guidance of faculty who live in and love Uganda and East Africa. Home stays, travel, service learning, and daily interaction with College students form the backbone of the USP experience. In addition to the core experiential course, students will choose from an approved selection of courses from the UCU College. Students are able to pursue one of three tracks of study. The first track is a General Studies Emphasis focusing on African Context and Elective courses. Students can also complete a for-credit cross-cultural practicum. The second track is a Social Work Emphasis designed to provide a relevant junior- or senior-level Social Work practicum and seminar. The third track is a Global Health Emphasis which allows students to study and complete practicums in the biomedical and public-health fields.      

Off-Campus Semester Programs Sponsored by the BCA

BCA (Bridge Connect Act) offers the following programs to sophomore, junior, and senior students. For most programs a minimum grade point average of 2.6 is required, though some programs will have a higher requirement. Classes in the BCA program are taken in a local university with a wide variety of options. Following are general explanations of the available programs.

Brussels, Belgium
Students live with host families in Belgium’s capital city, home to the European Union headquarters. This presents numerous opportunities for cultural immersion with and international influence. Available courses include art history, communications, economics, history, management, and political science. Internships are available providing international work experience.

Dalian, China
Dalian, a seaside city, is a, “thriving metropolis of more than 23 million and one of China’s emerging centers of business.” The Dalian semester is in an area of China not saturated with Americans or American programs. It is a great location for learning Chinese language, political science, history, Asian studies, and business.

Quito, Ecuador
The semester in Ecuador gives students a great opportunity for learning about life in a developing nation. Living with Ecuadorian families along with a variety of volunteer/service placements allows for great cultural interaction. Travel opportunities include the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Jungle. A wide variety of courses is offered at San Francisco Quito, a private, American-style university. Instruction is in Spanish.

Cheltenham, England
BCA England is at the University of Gloucestershire which provides an opportunity to study a wide variety of majors alongside English students. Opportunities exist for a mix of cultural, social, and academic activities during the semester. The program is great for majors in business, marketing, economics, science, environment, theology, humanities, sports, and sports medicine among others.

London, England
Students will study at the University of Roehampton, which is located in the middle of southwest London. Students can study a wide variety of courses including business, education, film, history, journalism, exercise and sports science, photography, psychology and theater. Students will live on campus, in single rooms with shared kitchen facilities. Summer options available as well.

Strasbourg, France
Located on the Rhine River, near the border with Germany, students will study in the medieval town of Strasbourg. Students will study at the Université de Strasbourg. The courses are taught in French. Students live with French families for a full immersion experience.

Marburg, Germany
The semester begins with one to three months of learning German followed by other studies. The semester in Germany is great for German, humanities, political science, theology, psychology, English cultural studies, and peace and conflict studies. The location is excellent for exploring the rest of Europe. Courses are taught in both German and English.

Chennai, India
This semester allows students to experience the flavors, people, and traditions of India while studying at Madras Christian College where they may choose courses from a number of majors including social work, political science, and history. Included are opportunities to travel to amazing sites such as the Taj Mahal and Agra. Some field placement options are available.

Dublin, Ireland
Great for peace and conflict studies, Irish studies, medieval Irish and Celtic studies, law, anthropology, history, applied social studies, and European studies. The program offers a unique opportunity to explore a concrete peace process. Students will spend part of their time in each location studying via lectures and discussions as well as significant field experience with community members. An independent study project is part of the curriculum.

Dunedin, New Zealand
Students attend the University of Otago, New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious university. They may opt to live in university housing or with host families. Courses include a wide variety of subjects such as social sciences, business, education, humanities, and natural sciences. Learn about the language, culture, and struggles of New Zealand’s indigenous people at the Te Temu School of Maori and Pacific Island Studies.

Barcelona, Spain
This location is great for political science, history, art history, international relations, business, marketing, and psychology majors. The University of Barcelona offers a wide range of courses from 100 departments. Students experience the culture first-hand by living with local families. A five-day orientation includes touring the city, university campus, and facilities, as well as individual and group advising sessions. Participation in a three-week, intensive Spanish language and culture course that includes a multi-day art and history trip to the region of Castilla-Leon (fall) or to Andalucia (spring) provides excellent preparation for this semester/year abroad program. Courses are taught in Spanish.

Valladolid, Spain
Numerous courses are available at Universitas Castellae, which specializes in teaching the Spanish language along with literature, art, history, culture and sociology. Students live with Spanish families for a full immersion experience. Educational excursions are to various regions of Spain throughout the semester. Courses are taught in Spanish. A summer program option is also available.

St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago
Many courses of study are available, including psychology, business, international relations, history, political science, economics, dance, law, music, film studies and film production, theater, carnival studies, African and Asian studies, English, marine biology, zoology, microbiology, ecological biology, chemistry, and math. Students will stay on campus in either single or shared rooms, with shared kitchen facilities.

Summer Programs

Vienna, Austria
This almost 4-week program gives students the opportunity to study the history and culture of Vienna and take a German language course.

London, England
Based at the University of Roehampton, this 3- or 6-week program is designed for students to take either 5 or 10 credit hours in a wide variety of courses. There are currently two terms available (choose either one or both).

Dublin, Ireland
Hosted by Maynooth University, this 4-week program allows students to study two courses in a wide variety of disciplines.

Trentino, Italy
Study for 4 weeks in the Italian Alps. The first week will be spent studying Italian Language and Culture, with the remaining time focused on Sustainability, Food, and Landscapes in the Italian Alps.

Tetouan, Morocco
This is a 4-week program for learning Arabic and local culture. It includes volunteering in a local association or community organization.

Valladolid, Spain
Numerous courses are available at Universitas Castellae, which specializes in teaching the Spanish language along with literature, art, history, culture and sociology. Students live with Spanish families for a full immersion experience. 4-week and 6-week options available. Courses are taught in Spanish.  

Additional Off-Campus Study Programs

In partnership with University College Lillebaelt, Malone University has established a student exchange system for majors in nursing, social work, and education. Nursing students can complete their cultural nursing credit during a three-week visit to Denmark in May of each year. Danish nursing students visit Malone in the fall of each year for three weeks. Social work students from Malone can do their internships in Denmark and education students can do their student teaching in Denmark. Students will live in apartments while studying at the Odense campus. This is a community and country with a rich heritage. All instruction is in English.

International Business Institute (IBI)
The International Business Institute is a cooperative overseas program in international economics and business management. IBI is designed to give students a distinctive opportunity for a term of study that incorporates the international dimension of these fields in an experiential context overseas. The program is ten weeks in length and includes periods of residence in key locations as well as coordinated visits and presentations in the major political and economic centers of Russia, The European Union, India, and China. Prerequisites for the program include a minimum GPA of 2.75, micro and macroeconomics, a semester of accounting or finance, management principles, and marketing. The courses in the program include Comparative Economic Systems, International Trade and Finance, Global Marketing, and Global Business Strategy. This program is part of Malone’s current minor in international business. See the Director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement for more information.

Paris Semester
In partnership with Asbury University, Malone students can participate in the Paris Semester. Prior French language study is not required. Students are able to take courses in Art, Art History, Intercultural Studies, French language, and complete Internship/Field Study credits. Students have the option of staying in a dorm or with a local family. Excursions around Paris and the surrounding area are included. Currently offered every other Fall semester (Fall 2019 is the next program).   

Romanian Studies Program (RSP)
The Romanian Studies Program is a semester abroad opportunity in Sighisoara, Romania, a town rich in medieval history in the heart of Transylvania. Through living with host families and working alongside local Romanians, students are immersed in a culturally diverse society transitioning from a communist system to a European Union democracy. While taking academic courses, students also participate in hands-on service learning, missions and internship experiences reaching out to people in need, through the ministries of Veritas and local churches. Students’ service experiences are specialized according to the students’ interests and programs of study, including opportunities to work with at-risk children, youth, families, people with disabilities, and older adults. Study opportunities are available each fall, spring, and summer semester. Students can earn up to 18 hours of credit.
Romanian Language and Culture (4,6,8)
Cross-Cultural Service learning (4,6,8)
Introduction to Romanian Literature (3)
Introduction to Environmental Science (4)
International Health (4)
Western Civilization (3)
Internships, practicum experience and directed studies are available

Semester in Austria - Salzburg College
Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Salzburg is in the northwest corner of Austria nestled in the mountains. Among other options Salzburg offers coursework in European Studies, Communication/Business Studies, Music, and Art. Students live with host families and have options for excursions, guest lectures, concerts, museum tours, and visits of historical sites. Students can also get involved in Austrian cooking, hiking, baking, rafting, and skiing. There are also field trips to Vienna and Bavaria.

Semester in Italy - Gordon College
Located in Orvieto, Italy, this program, “offers a rich experience in the arts and culture of pre-modern Europe.” “Students take a drawing-based interdisciplinary course that introduces the themes of the program, and then select three of six courses offered in the visual arts and humanities, for 16 academic credits in total. Students without previous study of Italian language take an additional 2-credit course in conversational Italian.” The program includes numerous excursions throughout Italy. This is an excellent opportunity for art and writing majors and for students working on general education requirements.

Semester in Lithuania - LCC International University
Located in Klaipeda, Lithuania, LCC is a full-service university with degrees in Business Administration, English Language and Literature, Psychology, and Theology. The student body at LCC is 50% Lithuania and 50% international so students live in a residence community of international students from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US while pursuing their studies. Student life includes trips to different parts of Europe during the semester. It is an excellent opportunity for growing cross-cultural skills while continuing studies in major and minor programs. All coursework is taught in English. For more information visit www.lcc.lt/.

Semester in Spain - Trinity Christian College
Located in Seville, Spain, the focus of the program is Spanish immersion. Classes are held at Acento de Trinity, located in the heart of Seville. Faculty members are all native Spaniards and hold advanced degrees in their subject areas. The program includes excursions to Córdoba, La Mancha, Toledo, Ronda, the small pueblos outside Seville, Roman ruins at Italica, guided tours of Seville and more. Trinity is committed to helping maximize learning in Spain through a full spectrum of social, educational, and spiritual enrichment opportunities. Not only do students take courses in Spain, they also participate and exercise leadership in numerous student activities such as Encuentro (a weekly Bible study), praise team, community service, sporting events, arts and crafts, bingo nights at the senior center, tapas dinners, flamenco dance classes, and more. The staff also plans events that foster fellowship.