2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 27, 2021  
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of Spiritual Formation

“Christ’s Kingdom First” states clearly the Christian commitment at Malone University. The University seeks to involve, equip, and release students to potentially life-changing ministry opportunities.

Office of Spiritual Formation staff members work closely with students, university staff, and faculty to facilitate spiritual formation. Programs are designed to encourage personal and campus-wide spiritual development, participation in society as Kingdom citizens, and spiritual and moral accountability. The Office of Spiritual Formation is located in the Randall Campus Center.

Spiritual Formation Opportunties at Malone University are essential to the distinctive mission and identity of the University and its effort to integrate the Christian faith with the whole of our lives. Spiritual Formation Opportunities are intended to creatively engage the Malone University community with the gospel and the implications of life in the Kingdom of God. Integrity characterizes both the presentations and the presenters. Spiritual Formation goals include providing opportunities:

  • to understand and develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ
  • for the University community to understand and experience a deeper relationship with God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through worship, which is indispensable for personal wholeness
  • to understand the implications of the Christian faith by addressing pertinent character, cultural, and theological issues leading to a life-long commitment to service, and consequently to positively influencing our campus culture
  • to address our cultural tendency toward individualism by providing a forum which uniquely reinforces a sense of campus community and identity.

Within our Christian framework, we believe that all teaching of truth must be built on a foundation of God’s truth. Since students are required to study the truth of physical science, the arts, and literature, there is no contradiction in requiring students to study God’s truth. Spiritual Formation Opportunities facilitate students’ experience and understanding of God’s truth through study of the Bible, exposure to corporate worship, and opportunities to understand the relationship offered to us in Christ. Therefore, all full-time students are required to participate in the Spiritual Formation program while they are members of the student body.