2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Political Science, BA

The mission of the political science program is to provide students with an education based on the four sub-fields of the discipline (Political Theory, American Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations), to develop students’ research and writing skills, and to provide students with the tools to analyze politics and government from a biblical and theological perspective, so that they can develop in intellectual maturity, wisdom, and Christian faith; and so that they can serve the Church, community, and world. The political science major is an excellent preparation for careers in law. Students interested in attending law school after graduation receive specialized guidance through the department.

Students pursuing a major in Political Science must complete a total of 36 hours as follows:

Plus 18 hours beyond the core:

To accomplish the 18 non-core hours, students may take any 6 upper-level political science courses, or take 4 courses and attend an off-campus CCCU program (see Educational Options and Enhancements ), or take 2 courses and participate in the Bliss Institute Internship program (information available in the Office of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences). See paragraph description under Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences/Special Program .

Additional Information

Students pursuing the Political Science major must maintain a minimum 2.5 gpa in the major. All seniors pursuing the Political Science major are required to pass senior comprehensive examinations. Information must be acquired from the Department Chair.