2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, BA

The psychology major provides:

  • an excellent foundation for graduate study in psychology,  counseling, pastoral ministry, and related fields
  • a liberal arts degree that opens the doors to many different careers (community/social services, human resources, management/business, and STEM/STEM-related occupations)
  • an educational experience that promotes intellectual, personal, and interpersonal growth.

Additional Information:

A student must pass all courses with minimum major GPA of 2.25. No teaching option is available for this major.

PSYC 121 fulfills a General Education requirement for Engaging in Human Experience, Understanding Persons in Society. PSYC 140 fulfills a requirement for Foundational Skills and PSYC 312 meets the requirement for Engaging in Cultures and Institutions, Global Encounters.

Only six hours of PSYC 420 can count toward major hours; only twelve hours of PSYC 420 can be taken overall. Electives should be selected in consultation with a student’s advisor and in ways that help the student to explore her or his calling and vocational goals. A student may not take Chemical Dependency Counseling (CDCA) courses for credit in the Psychology Major. CDCA courses are part of a self-contained minor. If a student is in the Psychology major, or another major, he or she needs to take all required CDCA courses in order to complete the CDCA minor.

Depending on the circumstances, the Department may allow PSYC 360-Topics in Psychology [Topic Name] (3)  or PSYC 450-Advanced Topics (3)  to count in place of a requirement from above. This occurs when PSYC 360 or PSYC 450 is offered and is relevant to the requirement in question, e.g., allowing PSYC 450-Advanced Topics in Cognition in Special Populations (3) to stand in place of the required PSYC 333-Memory & Cognition (4). The requirement would be met, because the Learning/Cognition/Perception block requires either 3 or 4 credits, depending on the course selected to fulfill the requirement.