2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 07, 2021  
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Aid

General Information

  1. Because funds are limited, all aid awards are made on a firstcome basis. Applications will be considered until funds have been depleted.
  2. In order to apply for maximum financial aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required. The application may be found at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Malone’s school code is 003072.
  3. A student must be admitted to the University as a degree-seeking student before a financial aid award will be made. Aid cannot be awarded to students classified as “special” or “transient.”
  4. Recipients of institutional aid must be enrolled on a full-time basis. Some government aid may be available for part-time enrollment. Students should inquire with the Malone Financial Aid Office if considering part-time attendance.
  5. Malone merit aid may be received for up to four years if the recipient continues to meet program eligibility requirements. Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) and Ohio Student Choice (OSC) grants may be received for up to ten semesters. Malone need-based grant money may be awarded in a fifth year if the FAFSA results show demonstrated need.
  6. No institutional financial aid is offered in the summer sessions. However, students may borrow a portion of the academic year’s eligibility in a Federal Stafford or PLUS loan provided they are enrolled for at least six semester hours in the summer.
  7. No aid is automatically renewed at an equal value after separation from the University. Aid may be renewed based on need, grade point average, and the reason for separation.
  8. Financial aid awards that are received through Malone University are divided between the fall and spring semesters and may not be used completely for any one semester. One-half of the total awards may be used for each semester.
  9. Once a student qualifies for a J. Walter and Emma Malone Scholarship, the University has the right to limit the addition of ANY other Malone aid.
  10. Academic awards are not increased or decreased for changes in the grade point averages of students during their college attendance.
  11. Any aid received from any source must be considered as part of the financial aid package; this includes all scholarships, need-based and leadership grants, loans, work study, discounts, and aid from outside sources such as scholarships or tuition reimbursement plans.
  12. An aid package which involves Title IV money will not exceed financial need (as determined by a federally approved needs analysis system).
  13. Federal and state award estimates may be revised if federal regulations change, if state funding levels change, or if the verification process indicates errors or omissions on the original FAFSA. The University will not assume any losses.
  14. If a student’s application is selected for verification by the federal edits, signed copies of student and parent income tax returns for the previous year must be submitted to the Malone Financial Aid Office, along with a verification worksheet.
  15. Limited institutional funds are awarded to incoming freshmen granted conditional status. Current Malone students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to renew financial aid. See our satisfactory academic progress fact sheet for details.
  16. Packaging of financial aid shall include some form of self-help (loan or work) for every student unless outside grants cover entire costs. Although the self-help portion may include any combination of loan and/or work, the family may choose to meet this obligation with personal resources.
  17. Because resident students have a higher total bill (and aid budget), financial aid is awarded accordingly. Aid may be reduced for a change to commuter status. Malone merit aid (including all academic and athletic awards) will be 75% of the on-campus value.
  18. MMP and Nursing degree-completion students may apply for federal and state aid; no Malone aid is offered for these programs.
  19. Students participating in approved CCCU/Consortium Visitor/International Studies Program semesters have aid calculated based on Malone’s block tuition rate for one semester only. The student is responsible for the balance. All state and federal funds transfer with the exception of federal work study. Institutional aid is limited to a total dollar value of not more than 50% of the current Malone block tuition rate.
  20. Graduate students may apply (using the FAFSA) for federal loans only. Graduate students are not eligible for grants or institutional aid.


(Aid that does not have to be repaid)

Ohio Need-based Grant is available to students who have been Ohio residents for a minimum of the last twelve consecutive months. For dependent students, the residency requirement applies to parents as well. The FAFSA serves as the application for this grant. The OCOG grant will be awarded to students with an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of between 0 and 2,190, as long as total family income is not greater than $75,000. Maximum annual amount is $4,992.

Ohio Student Choice Grants (OSC) (OSC) are available to students who have been Ohio residents for a minimum of twelve months and who did not attend any college or university full-time before July 1, 1984. Recipients must be enrolled in a four-year degree program. Grant amount is approximately $660 per year and dependent upon gubernatorial budgetary approval.

Federal Pell Grants
are available to students with financial need as determined by the Pell formula. Maximum grant is $4,800. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed to apply for this grant.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG) are available to a limited number of students who file the FAFSA, display great financial need and receive a Federal Pell Grant. The University is responsible for making this award.

Malone General Grants are available to students who file the FAFSA and show demonstrated financial need.

Malone Athletic Grants are available to participating students with exceptional ability in one of our athletic programs. Grants are awarded for up to four years by the coach with the approval of the Athletic Director and vary in amount. All awards are reduced to 75% of their value for a change in housing status from resident to commuter.


(Merit-based aid that does not have to be repaid)

J. Walter and Emma Malone Scholarships for academic excellence are available to incoming freshmen with above average academic credentials, co-curricular involvement and Christian leadership potential.

Endowed Scholarships
have been made available by faithful and generous supporters of Malone University, who believe in the University’s ability to provide students with a Christian education. We acknowledge these friends and applaud their expression of confidence, and their commitment to faith and learning.

An Individual Endowed Scholarship Fund may be established for any dollar amount; however, until the balance reaches $25,000, the income will not be used to underwrite student scholarships. Each year the income from the fund is used, while the principle amount stays intact. Donors are informed of the specific individual recipients and often receive correspondence from them. Family, friends, or loved ones can be honored through a named fund with either general or specific guidelines which direct the use of the available monies.

One time gifts of $500-25,000 may be made to the University’s Pooled Endowed Scholarship Fund, which supports student scholars who qualify for financial assistance. Donors will be notified as to the group of students which receives support, but will not be matched with specific students.

These scholarships, included in the following list, are awarded by the Financial Aid Office as a part of the student’s total aid package. Specific applications are not needed.

Area-of-Residence Scholarships

Armogida (Stark County)

Buckeye Sports Supply (Stark County)

Dr. Martha Cook (Sandy Valley/Canton South)

Perry and Joseph Hayden (Michigan)

Amos D. Wilson (Michigan)

Athletic Scholarships

Bradshaw (Tennis)

Dick Gallagher Memorial

Lou Gehrig

Greg Goterba (Elementary Education)

Malone Track Club

Millard Niver (Wrestling)

Robert W. Starcher (Baseball)

Business Scholarships

First American Savings

Herbert E. Markley

Sterling and Emma Stone

Christian Education

Christian Education

Cora Mae Burch

Christian Ministry/Service Scholarships

Jeanne M. & Maynard Aldridge

Eilertsen Memorial Scholarship

John Grafton

Charles and Jeanette Guscott

Dr. Robert Hess Memorial

Floyd R. Sartwell

Jolan T. Sullivan

Clarence and Genevieve Swallen Missionary

(See Financial Aid Office for application)

Education and Psychology Scholarship

Nate P. Dilyard

Ruth Dungan Shew and Mary Adam Kelby

Financial Need Scholarships

John Allen Memorial


Herman O. and Lucille D. Brehme Memorial

Walter O. and Mildred V. Brehme

Richard V. Chambers

Donald Lee Clapper

Samuel J. Dreyer

R. Ray Everts

Thelma E. Frank

William and Minnette Goldsmith

Charles and Edna Harper

Milford Henkel II

Virgil and Charlotte Hinton Memorial

Helen and Richard S. Hoover

John E. Hutchens

Junior Sorosis

Richard M. Larimer

Leiter Memorial

Abraham and Mina Levie

Ann Louise Lind

Walter L. Lusetti

Malone Associates

Kenneth D. McClure

Estella V. Miller

Harry B. Morris and Mary S. Morris

Dwight and Anne Orchard

Dwight H. Osborne

John and Margaret Raridan

Reader’s Digest Foundation

Charles and Eunice Roberts

Oscar Shulze

Fred F. Silk

Becky Thomas Slutz

Paul A. Snyder

Rachel Solomon

Loren Souers

Grace Vandervort

Corinne E. Volkman


Fine Arts Scholarships


Randal Carnes

Kaye R. Leach Memorial (Canton Chapter of the American Guild of Organists)


Grace E. Phillips

Dr. Howard Weaver

History, Integrated Social Studies, or Political Science Scholarship

James H. Stuckey

Nursing Scholarship

Akron City Hospital’s School of Nursing Alumni Association

Aultman Hospital

Barbara Heinz Memorial Scholarship

Betty S. Wagner

Physical Handicap Scholarship

Paul W. Whitaker

Pre-Veterinary Scholarship

Robert J. and Edith McConnell

Relative of Donor Scholarships

Herman M. Chase

Stan and Dee Ewing

Douglas Owen Malone (Descendants of J. Walter and Emma B. Malone)

Malone Family (Descendants of J. Walter and Emma B. Malone)

Irene McCoy

Byron and Ruth Osborne

Gladys Osborne

John and Geraldine Williams

Elsie Osborne Yow

Science and Mathematics Scholarships

Charles Bancroft Scholarship Fund

Hodgkins Society

Dr. Grant L. Stahley

Special Category Scholarships


Raymond and Margaretta Bennett

Joyce E. Bridenstine

Cleo K. Corry

Country Manor Family Restaurant

GAR Foundation

Oetjen Scholarship Fund

Major Frank R. Raymond

Wayne Scharsu

Charles and Dorothy S. Stone

Grace J. Sullivan

Timken Foundation

Theology and Ministry

Dr. Eugene Collins

H. Gail and Alma Grosdidier

Elizabeth Guyer

Rev. George B. and Tazetta Malmsberry

Mary Ann Pennington Malone

Cora Belle and Floyd Mansfield

Maximo United Church of Christ

Robert J. and Edith McConnell

Minerva Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

George Primes

Ethel K. Romy

John C. Rouchier

Paul and Mary Alice Ryser

C. Otis Shaver

Taylor Memorial

Dorothy Chilcote Way

Evelyn Weiser

Harold B. Winn

Current Gift Scholarships
have also been made available by faithful and generous supporters of Malone University who believe in the University’s ability to provide students with a quality Christian education. We thank them for their belief in/and commitment to the students of Malone. A Current Gift Scholarship has no minimum and is awarded in the same year during which it is given. These scholarships, included in the following list, are awarded through the Financial Aid Office based upon specific aid and donor eligibility criteria.

Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation
Mary Ann Pennington Malone
Multicultural Great Commission Fund
George Record Foundation
Summers Family

The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC) also provides generous assistance to our students each year through their donor gift scholarship programs. The foundation selects recipients from eligible student nominations that are submitted through the Malone Financial Aid Office. Awards from the current year include:

OFIC - AultCare
OFIC - Aultman Hospital
OFIC - Battelle
OFIC - Biery Cheese Company
OFIC - Butler Wick Trust Company
OFIC - George Deuble Foundation
OFIC - Diebold, Inc.
OFIC - John B. Firestone Charitable Trust
OFIC - Albert W. & Edith V. Flowers Charitable Foundation
OFIC - The Hartville Kitchen
OFIC - Herbert W. Hoover Scholars Program
OFIC - Nordson Corporation
OFIC - Timken Foundation of Canton
OFIC - The UPS Foundation, Inc


(Aid that must be repaid upon termination of enrollment)

Federal Perkins Loan – a federal loan program available to any student who files the FAFSA and displays great financial need. The University is responsible for making the loans. First payment becomes due nine months after graduation or termination of enrollment at Malone University at an interest rate of 5%. Awards range from $500 to $2,000 per year.

Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan
– a federal loan program available to any student who files the FAFSA and displays adequate financial need. First payment becomes due six months after graduation or termination of enrollment. The interest rate is fixed at 6.0%. (Awards are up to $3,500 for the freshman year, up to $4,500 for the sophomore year, and up to $5,500 for each year beyond ($23,000 lifetime maximum).

Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan – a federal loan program available to any student who files the FAFSA. All loan limits, interest rates and repayment of principal terms are the same as in the subsidized program; however, the borrower is responsible for paying all accrued interest during the in-school period.

Federal PLUS Loan – a federal loan program available to parents of dependent students who need extra loan sources to help meet their bill. Loans may be approved up to the difference between the Cost of Attendance (COA) and all other aid already awarded. The interest rate is fixed at 8.5%. Repayment begins 60 days after the loan is fully disbursed or repayment may be deferred until the student graduates, up to a maximum deferment of four years. The parents’ credit must be approved. Students whose parents are denied a PLUS loan are then eligible to receive an Unsubsidized Stafford Loan of $4,000 as freshmen/sophomores and $5,000 as a juniors/seniors. Application for the Federal PLUS loan may be made online at www.FASTLoans.glhec.org.


Federal Work Study jobs are available to resident students who file the FAFSA early and display adequate financial need. On- and offcampus positions are available. Students must be hired under an official contract in order to be paid. Unapproved earnings above the contract amount will not be paid.

Off-campus job opportunities are available to any student. Interested students should contact the Career Development Center.

Application Procedures

  1. a. New Students – Apply for admission to Malone University. Then complete step 2 below.
    b. Returning Students – complete step 2 below.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. listing Malone University, Title IV Code 003072.


Applications and additional information are available from the Admissions and the Financial Aid Offices.

Continuation of Aid

Each year the student must complete a new FAFSA no later than March 1. Continuation of financial aid is contingent upon the academic achievement required by the particular fund, financial need as specified, satisfactory academic progress, citizenship, and campus contributions. The student must attend continuously, except for summer school, and carry a full academic load. If a student withdraws during the semester, financial aid will be reduced according to federal guidelines.